Wooden Watches Handcrafted in Canada since 1971
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Before purchase

What is it like to wear a wooden watch? Is it waterproof?

TENSE watches are hypoallergenic. The woods we use are natural materials that the skin tolerates very well, even after the wood has been treated. Even the watch case is made of wood! Some models may contain a few metal parts,such as the clasp, which is made of stainless steel. Please note that our products are made out of 100% natural wood. Very few people are allergic to wood. Please check your skin regularly during the first few weeks of wearing the watch. Should you notice any discomfort in your wrist or any itching or rash, please take off the watch immediately and seek medical advice. TENSE declines all liability for any damage, injury or costs incurred by wearing the wooden watch.
The watches are splash proof, but should not be exposed to water for an extended period of time. It cannot be submerged in water.

Do the watches require any special treatment?

The wood will become more beautiful as you wear your watch, due to the natural oils released from your skin. You may also treat your watch with lemon or mineral oil on occassion, if you prefer, but it is not necessary.

Questions about your watch

How can I adjust the length of the strap?

Easy! Some of the chain links are screwed together. You can simply remove links with a small screwdriver.

Warning: If you are not sure whether you can do this yourself, please ask us or take it to your nearest specialised retailer.

How do I change the battery?

The batteries are very easy to change. To do so, open the back of the watch case. The cover is screwed on and can be removed by any specialist retailer. 


Technical questions

What clockwork mechanisms do you use?

Our wooden watches use quartz clockwork by Miyota. This company's mechanisms are also used by watch manufacturers such as Citizen. We offer a 2 year guarantee on the clockwork.

How can I dispose of used batteries?

It goes without saying that our watches are delivered with batteries. When they run out, you can send them back to us free of charge (TENSE, Stephan Schmied, Dittrichring 15, 04109 Leipzig, Germany). We guarantee to use a professional and environmentally-friendly method to dispose of your batteries. Batteries may include harmful substances and are marked with chemical symbols (Cd for cadmium, Hg for mercury, Pb for lead). 
Please never dispose of batteries in your household waste. For the sake of the environment, let our business partners take care of this. Thank you.